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Who we are?

Hello! We're Arcade. We aim to create the best minigame server for you. And for you to have fun!

We have a lot of gamemode's. And we've been working to make this good. We have added a lot of work and many hours of work for this to be a good server. We have a good staff team and a lot of good players. We aim to do what's best for you. Arcade has a lot of different things. And we'll help you with whatever it's supposed to be.




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What you will find with us?

We have many Gamemode's. Some of them are..

Survive And Craft

We have Survivel and Survival Games and SkyBlock. Survive or die or fly into the void!

Hide And Build

We have Hide And Seek and BuildBattle. Hurry Hide before he find you! Build the best builds and let others rate it!


We do have TNTGames like TNTTag and TNTRun. TNT is Fun! TNT says BOOOOMMM!!!.

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Denne skal vekk.